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This page contains downloadable externals for pd, a free real-time computer music software package resembling Max/MSP for the Macintosh. It was written by Miller Puckette, the original author of Max. pd currently runs on most Unix Platforms and on Windows NT. There have been a lot of externals programmed for it. Most of them can be found on Pages of the Institut für Elektroakustische Musik und Akustik in Graz (Austria). There are other usefule links for pd, too.

This page is the download page for pd externals, I participated in coding.


This object has been written in close collaboration with Stefan Kersten who contributed major parts of code and examples. The purpose of this object is to create an interface to the csound language very much like the csound~ object for Max/MSP of Matt Ingalls. It hasn't been tested thoroughly, so use at own risk :). Any comments or suggestions are welcome (email addresses are in the documentation). As the implementation works with named pipes, it can only be used on Unix/Linux and not under Windows (there are no such things as pipes in Windows). Download the object here: csound~.tgz.